“Dr. Özkan Demirbaş – Research in Nanocomposites, Polymers, and Carbon-Based Materials”

  1. Nanocomposite Materials and Adsorption
    • Design and synthesis of nanocomposite materials for the removal of azo dyes from aqueous media.
    • Kinetic studies on the adsorption of methylene blue dye on reduced graphene oxide-supported nanoadsorbents.
    • Adsorption properties and kinetics of biomolecules on carbon-based nanocomposite materials obtained from food wastes.
  2. Polymer Composite Films and Adsorption
    • Removal of dyes from aqueous solutions using polymer composite films and investigation of adsorption kinetics.
  3. Electrokinetic Properties and Surface Modification
    • Investigation of the electrokinetic properties of sepiolite suspensions in different electrolyte media.
    • Kinetics and mechanism of bovine serum albumin immobilization on diatomite clay materials.
    • Zeta potential studies on diluted clay samples in various electrolyte and surfactant media.
  4. Cationic Polyacrylamide and Adsorption
    • Adsorption studies of cationic polyacrylamide (C-PAM) on expanded perlite.
  5. Carbon-Based Materials and Biomolecules
    • Adsorption properties and kinetics of enzymes using carbon-based materials obtained from food wastes.